Internet Protocol television (IPTV) delivers Internet television services using the architecture and networking methods of the Internet and broadband Internet access networks. It is replacing the more traditional radio frequency broadcast, satellite signal, and cable television (CATV) formats.

IPTV services may be classified into three main groups:

  • Live television, with or without interactivity related to the current TV show.
  • Time-shifted programming: catch-up TV (replays a TV show that was broadcast hours or days ago), start-over TV (replays the current TV show from its beginning).
  • Video on demand (VOD): browse a catalog of videos, not related to TV programming.

There are 3 essential components in the MyTV Networks solution: Television

The MyTV Server
This is the “Must Have” part of the MyTV Networks solution, since it loads the Middleware to the set top boxes, controls the whole networks & subscriptions, and act as File storage.Multiple servers can be aggregated to obtain the wanted network throughput and expansion.
The MyTV Headend
is a Live Streaming hardware unit that can be equipped with Satellite, Terrestrial, Cable Tuners to receive the wanted feeds, also with two integrated common interfaces that allows descrambling of 12+ simultaneous programs through two multiplexed CAM PRO modules.The MyTV Headend can also be equipped with video encoder input modules to connect baseband video feeds as SDI,HDMI, Component HD/SD and Composite, from any video source including DVDs, BlueRays, HDD Media Players, etc.
The MyTV Box
This is the HD/SD multiformat set top box, supporting all known audio & video formats and DRM.Equipped with a 160 gigabyte internal Hard Drive, noiseless, fanless, the MyTV Box rise the Interactive TV experience andintegrated communication to the maximum levels, as never seen before.